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We Are United Paizo Workers

We, the Paizo workers, recognize that workplace issues shouldn’t be management’s responsibility to solve in a vacuum, and we want to have a seat at the table for discussions on our working conditions and livelihoods. We believe our support is invaluable to management as we all work to make Paizo the best it can be.

For this reason we, the United Paizo Workers (UPW), are invoking our right to organize and administer a vote to form a union. We are working closely with Communications Workers of America (CWA), who have helped organize and represent other workers in the entertainment and gaming industries. We want Paizo and the products we make together to be successful, and to nurture a positive work environment for all staff. We believe that our union is the best avenue with which we as employees can help management achieve that.

Contract Negotiations and Status Quo

When Paizo management agreed to voluntarily recognize the United Paizo Workers as the collective bargaining agent for fifty Paizo employees, those employees entered a temporary protected status known in labor…

UPW Responds to Paizo Leadership Team Anouncement

As Paizo announced yesterday afternoon, two Paizo vice presidents have been elevated to newly-created executive leadership roles within the company. This sudden change in leadership occurred within 48 hours of…

Day 8: Critical Success!

As of today, Paizo leadership has voluntarily recognized our union! This is the first step in a long journey. Now that United Paizo Workers is officially representing Paizo employees, we…

Congratulations, @cbwupdx ! ✊

UPW's @plaguecontrol in @WIRED: "There should be a lot more of a social safety net[...]under at-will employment, anybody can be fired at any time, no matter how good a job they're doing, no matter how vital they are to the operation of the company..."

Major congratulations to the staff at Vodeo Games on making history as North America's first video game workers union, and congratulations to management for their decision to voluntarily recognize. Let's keep changing this industry for the better!

A CRACK IN THE DAM AWARD goes to @PaizoWorkers, a group of tabletop game workers who formed the first North American certified, wall-to-wall union in the history of the games industry!

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