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What is the relationship between UPW and the #PaizoAccountability movement?

The #PaizoAccountability movement was started by, and continues to be organized by members of the wider Paizo community, including many of our most prolific freelance contributors. Initially formed in response to some controversial personnel changes at Paizo that took place in early September 2021, #PaizoAccountability has been petitioning leadership at Paizo to take responsibility for and address various issues of concern raised by current and former Paizo staff members.

Starting on September 16th, a large number of freelance writers, designers, and developers began calling for #PaizoAccountability by refusing new contracts until a number of demands for improvements to working conditions at the company had been made. When United Paizo Workers announced their intention to unionize on October 14th, the community officially stated their support for the union at and communicated to management that the work stoppage would cease if and when management chose to voluntarily recognize the union.

While United Paizo Workers are a separate entity and have no formal relationship with #PaizoAccountability or any of the communities therein, we are indescribably grateful for their passion and hard work in bringing these issues to light and by throwing their support behind the union. We firmly believe that as two distinct groups sharing similar ideals for what Paizo can become, we can work together to create change from inside and outside the company to far greater effect than either group could hope to achieve on its own.