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I want to help! What’s the best way for me to support United Paizo Workers?

Thank you! As of right now, the most helpful thing you can do to help United Paizo Workers is to email members of Paizo’s executive team and urge them to voluntarily accept the union. You can email them at,, or Remember to be polite and civil! We’re not here to antagonize anyone or start a fight, we just want a seat at the table so that the whole company can work together to make Paizo as great as we all know it can be.

If you’re not comfortable emailing anyone directly, you can always raise awareness on Twitter or your platform of choice by following the @PaizoWorkers account and using the #UnionizePaizo hashtag, and encouraging your friends and followers to do the same. We even have a downloadable community package of avatar icons, Zoom backgrounds, and other assorted digital items that you can use to show your support right here!

And finally, if you feel like throwing a couple of bucks our way, you can help offset our website hosting and other costs by purchasing UPW logo branded shirts, mugs, buttons, and all kinds of other stuff from our merch page! We’ve already got a ton of cool stuff up there and plans to add even more, and all of the profits will go to support the UPW’s expenses.

Thank you again for your support!